30 Day Challenge

0104priI’ve been a loyal listener for many years.

That’s what a listener recently said.

When you take the 30 day challenge and listen to nothing but KAVX, you’ll end up saying it too because it will change your life.

My son was born with a lot of issues. I’d never heard of you but had someone from my church tell me ‘I have the radio playing for you!’ and I’ve been listening ever since.”

The 30 day challenge will connect you to a real and loving God!

So what is a good reason for you to take the 30 day Challenge and listen to nothing but KAVX? Another listener said,

“Because y’all cared about us even though you don’t know who we are!”

Take the 30 Day Challenge.

Listen to KAVX on-air, on-line, and on your phone.

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