30 Day Challenge

30 Day ChallengeEvery day the world challenges your faith in God.

KAVX is here to give you strength.

As one listener put it…

For me, listening to the station for many years now, I continue to be reached.

Take the challenge and change your life.

It can change your whole world in just the way that you think…the way that your spirit and soul are by changing by what you put into your eyes and your ears. I can remember deciding that I was changing the channel and what it did for my spirit how strengthened I was.

Sign up and take the 30 Day Challenge and get a gift pack, while supplies last.

We want to connect with you… encourage you… and pray for you!

It does change things for you and give you a much better place to start and a foundation and a and a platform to stand on in to be strengthened in through your day

Take the challenge.

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You can also share your prayer need for what is "weighing" you down.

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