A Christmas present to the World

1221sec gift of ChristThe meaning of Christmas… more than sparkling lights and presents.

Christ came to this world not to be a hidden treasure to a few, but a Savior to all!

How amazing …God uses everyday people like you and me to spread His message of love, hope, and forgiveness.

Not too long ago an email from Japan arrived in the inbox.

 “Hello my friends! I’m Kenji Yamauchi. I am from Japan. I like Christian Music very much. Therefore, I’m listening to you through online radio. Being a Christian in Japan is different than being a Christian in America. I lose friends when I tell them I am a Christian because it is socially unacceptable. You help me to tell others about Christ and show His love to them. Thank you for helping me.”

Your gift this holiday season will continue to give hope, joy, and love to Kenji and listeners in Germany, Australia, Namibia, Belgium, Russia, Guatemala, Brazil, France, Philippines, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia.

Give a Christmas present to the world with your financial gift to KAVX.