A Fresh Start To Support

0116pri-fresh-start-to-supportA new year represents fresh starts, a reset in your life. 

It’s a time for new commitments or a renewal of past desires. 

Currently you’re encouraged to take the 30 Day Challenge of listening to Christian radio and nothing else for 30 Days.  

You start your year by focusing on Jesus and His hopes and desires in your life. 

But what happens if your radio station went missing? 

A fellow listener found herself pondering this question one day when a technical glitch knocked KAVX off the air!

“The other morning, on the way to work, I turned up the radio volume and heard nothing but static, no program at all.  What could be wrong I wondered?  Fear gripped me and panic set in.  I had the realization that without listeners, like you and I sowing into this station, this static empty sound could one day be a reality.  These stations are my life line!  I found a way to give and sow into KAVX.”

A new year represents a fresh start for you to support KAVX.

When you do… you share the hope of Jesus and change lives.

Give safely, securely, and confidentially