A Reason to Celebrate

0912sec reason to celebrateEvery day you wake up and worship God freely, you have a reason to Celebrate! 

You get in your car and turn on KAVX, you have a reason to Celebrate! 

Every answer to a prayer, you have a reason to Celebrate!

“I’ve been listening to y’all for a while. And one of the first times  I called in was a for a prayer request for my husband when he was on dialysis and the kidney transplant list.  That was 14 years ago. And I’ve  called in a couple of times for other various prayer requests. God does use y’all!”

God uses KAVX to touch countless lives every day and we want to “praise Him and give Him thanks.”

Starting October 3rd you will be able to Celebrate God’s work in your life and in the radio ministry.

When you tune into the Fall Giving Celebration on October 4th, 5th, and 6th you will hear what God does for you and others through the ministry.

The Giving Celebration need of 276 new donors at $30/month reflects a genuine amount of money that it takes to keep your stations healthy.

Join the “Giving Celebration” by praying and giving to the radio ministry as God leads you.