A Vision for the Future


Your eyes take in millions of bits of information every second.

If you allow your imagination to processes, it forms a three dimensional, full color picture and puts that picture into creative motion.

Everyone think in pictures.

If someone suggested an image “little, cute, just born puppy running on wobbly knees”, what comes to mind?

A picture of a little, cute, just born puppy running on wobbly knees, right?

You have a picture of yourself in our mind.

You have a picture of your family, your business, your abilities and your future.

Here’s another picture for you of the vision of this ministry.

· A prayer ministry that explodes into touching more lives through intercessory prayer.

· Getting the generators that will keep KAVX on your radio when you need it the most.

· And leading more people to Christ.

Keep listening for more details.

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