June 2011 Newsletter

“Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

A battle is raging. Yet God tells us to stand firm. Stand firm knowing He is true and righteous. Stand firm…He can see you through whatever heartache, turmoil or distress you may be facing.

A Sharathon volunteer shares his story:

Working at this year’s Sharathon has been a real personal victory for me over Satan.What made it special for me was that last year while I worked, answering phones and praying,my wife was having an affair. That affair led to a divorce and a personal battle with Satan.
It wasn’t a fight that I asked for, but one I knew I had to win. I knew I could only do it with faith in God knowing that He was with me.That even my ADD child would get up and catch the bus on time and all the other things that just had to fall right into place for me to be here.
Sharathon’s been a victory for me and will continue to be a victory for all those that work, volunteering their time for God’s ministry. A listener

You are building others up to stand firm. You come alongside wounded soldiers with refreshment in the form of songs and teachings that shower fresh life into darkness and despair.

As you know, prayer is a vital weapon. Share your prayer need with our Prayer Krew today and let others contend for you. If you are led to enlist in the Prayer Krew, let us know!

Be courageous! Share with someone today the hope, love and joy you make possible through KSWP & KAVX.Take your fight to the Lord today. Lay it at His feet.

Standing firm,

Al Ross, Vice President & General Manager,KSWP/KAVX/LEBF

P.S. – Thank you for encouraging others to stand firm. Remind them that God is with them.