Always on the Job

0711sec always on the jobA listener recently wrote:

“I recently started a different position at my work place and have my own office.  I am able to listen to KAVX all day on my computer.  I love it!  It couldn’t have come at a better time too.  We are going through so much with one of our children right now and I so need to hear from God every single day.  This has been such a blessing in helping me keep my eyes on Christ.  I turn it to KSWP in the car because our younger kids like the music.  The Lord is using the radio stations to bless my life.  Thank you Lord most of all for these stations.”

From a child, to the young at heart God provides His strength to all who seek Him.

Many people go on vacation in the summer months, but the work of your ministry providing hope and the message of Christ never takes a break.

KAVX is always on the job!

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