An Army of Volunteers

an army of volMany different people make up the US Army.

There are soldiers driving trucks, some cook, others parachute behind enemy lines.

You have 3-star Generals and buck privates… those on the front line and those in the rear echelon.

All of them make the Army a well-greased, smooth running machine.

Shareathon consists of God’s Army of volunteers doing many different things.

Some make coffee, others carry out the trash, and another serves refreshments.

Many worked in the office to mail letters and others worked in Phone Central to answer the phones!

All of these volunteers make Shareathon!

To all the volunteers that came each of the four days of Shareathon – THANK YOU!!!

With your help, KAVX reached the top!

Want to volunteer in the future? Fill in the form below and Meghan will get in touch with you!

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