Love Out Loud

0220sec love out lout

Thank you for all your Love Out Loud call-ins – Listen tomorrow morning for the final winner. Love Out Loud honors someone that shows the Love of Jesus in everything they do – someone at church, your mom, a secretary at work, a teacher… anyone. This year’s random drawing winners include Waylon and Geneva, Pat […]

Your Investment

0220ter your investment

God deserves all glory and honor for the celebration that happens every spring. A celebration to honor His people… His ministry… His provisions. As one of His chosen people, you invest in healing the lost, broken and down hearted through hope and encouragement. Recently a letter arrived with this in the body? I want to […]

Come Along for the Ride

0220ter come along for the ride

Your car – it takes more than fuel to keep it going. Oil, water, tire pressure, good windshield wipers, and a working radio make your car run efficiently. Just like your car, the KAVX Shareathon needs more than just a fuel source of financial supporters. We need volunteers so the Giving Celebration runs efficiently. Phone […]