A Shareathon Giving Celebration

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A week of giving! A week of giving praise and prayer needs. A week of giving support to your radio station, KAVX A Shareathon Giving Celebration gives you an opportunity to get excited about changed lives Share your answered prayer story by calling 800 944 8443. Join the Giving Celebration and share financially at 800 944 […]

Changing and Saving Lives Worldwide!

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It’s only a matter of time before a disruption of services take place. Utilities stop. Cell phones stop. No delivery of gas, food, water, or medicines may describe the days immediately after the appearing of Jesus. No one knows the day and hour… You find yourself ready and longing for that day… while others find […]

Stories of Change


Listen for stories during the Giving Celebration. They show the importance of your gift. Stories about changed lives, like that of a wife that lost her husband in a automobile accident and the salvation that followed. Listen for a story of the struggles and blessings of stepping out on faith to support Christian radio. As […]