Celebrate Mom Giveaway

0418ter celebrate momSo give your father and mother joy! May she who gave you birth be happy. –Proverbs 23:25

Moms, a priceless gift.

You love them dearly and thank God for them.

This Mother’s Day, consider KAVX your big Mother’s Day card for your Mom.

Give her a shout out to tell the world why she’s so important to you!

Take time to celebrate Moms. Share a story. Tell a tale. Do a “Mom-ism” or a lesson you learned from her. Call in and complete the sentence, “my mom is special because…,” to share on the air why your mom means so much to you!

The number to dial is 800-944-8443 and press 8 when it answers and follow the instructions.

Plus when you call in with your Mom story, she’s entered to win the KAVX Mother’s Day Prize Pack!

Thanks for celebrating Mom with us!



Name of Give-away:
Celebrate Mom Giveaway

KSWP/KAVX will give-away Mother’s Day Prize Pack to a qualifying mom after a random drawing from the mom’s nominated on 04/18/2016-05/03/2016 at 5 p.m.

Times & DJ’s doing Give-Away: Winner will be announced on Friday, May 6th.

Number of Prizes and a Description:
1 Grand Prize Winners will receive the Mother’s Day Prize Pack.

Grand Prize:
Mother’s Day Prize Pack including DVD, book, CD, station merchandise, ect.

General Contest Rules Apply with these specifications for this Give-away

How to enter or participate:
Call in and record a story, a “Mom-ism” or a lesson you learned from her and complete the sentence, “my mom is special because…” One mom submitted will be randomly drawn to receive a Mother’s Day Prize Pack.

Eligibility restrictions:
Anyone can win.

Give-away Dates:

Approximant Value of Prizes:

Total Value of Combined Prizes:

Basis for Valuation of Prizes: Retail Cost

Time and Means of Selection of Winners
Random drawing from the moms submitted will be drawn on 05/04/2016 to receive the Mother’s Day Prize Pack.

Tie-Breaking Procedures: N/A