Celebrating GOD!

0314priGod does amazing things in your life.

He cures diseases, saves a lost child, reunites families, and offers you forgiveness through His grace.

Let’s Celebrate God and His blessings!

“I love the kids programs Saturday mornings on KAVX. Here is $5 of my money to thank you. Love, Cole.”

Cole got excited to celebrate what God does in his life through KAVX!

Through his excitement, Cole decided to give to the radio ministry.

Cole’s story reminds you that everyone takes part in celebrating the blessings and joys of God, even a child.

This Shareathon celebrates the blessings of God in the radio ministry through your support.

The monthly need of $10,410 reflects a genuine amount to keep the station healthy.

April 5th, 6th, and 7th – a Giving Celebration.

Give here – Safe, Secure, and Confidential