Connecting To God

1004sec-connecting-to-godYour pledge during the Giving Celebration connects others to a real and loving God.

A listener shared this:

Finding your radio station has just been a blessing in my personal life and finding you guys has just brought me closer to God.

Another had this to say:

This radio station means so much to me, it just lifts my spirit and makes me feel closer to God.

Your prayer during the Giving Celebration shares hope that changes lives.

I’ve lived a pretty disrupted life and I knew I hit rock bottom, no place left to go. Listening to the radio, I just got so inspired when I heard God’s message. And it really helped change my life. Listening to this station really helped me have a closer relationship with Him.

Your help gives hope, encouragement, faith, and love.

Call KAVX with your gift and support ministry and change.

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You may also give online – safely, securely, and confidentially.