Daddy: The Good, The Bad & The Funny

0605sec good bad funnyHis timeless antics entertain you!

His words of wisdom encourage you!

His court jester-like jokes make you smile.

He’s dad!

This week enter your dad in a giveaway.

Just call 800 944 8443 with your name, cell phone number, record a story, and enter your dad in the “Daddy: The Good, The Bad & The Funny” Giveaway

Tell us the funny things… the serious things… and the wonderful things about your dad.

He’s put into a random drawing for a  KAVX Father’s Day giveaway.

800 944 8443, extension 8 after hours and weekends.

Name, cell number, and record your story.


Name of Give-away:
Daddy: The Good, The Bad & The Funny

KSWP/KAVX will give-away Father’s Day Prize Pack each day 06/12 – 06/16/2017 to a qualifying Dad after a random drawing from the Dad’s nominated on 05/29/2017-06/09/2017.

Times & DJ’s doing Give-Away:
A winner will be announced each morning Mon, June 12 – Fri, June 16, 2017.

Number of Prizes and a Description:
5 Prize Winners will receive the Father’s Day Prize Pack each including a Lutheran Hour Men’s Network cap, mug & pen, a Children of God CD by Phil Hickman, a copy of Parenting God’s Way by Alistair Begg, Prayers for My Teen by Mark Gregston, Not the Righteous by Jack O’Dell, Good, Good Father children’s book by Chris Tomlin & Pat Barrett and a selection of coffee and candies.

Grand Prize:

General Contest Rules Apply with these specifications for this Give-away:

How to enter or participate:
Call in and record a funny story, memory or reason why your Dad is the greatest and funniest Dad. One Dad submitted will be randomly drawn to receive a Father’s Day Prize Pack each day 06/12 – 06/16/2017. To enter after hours or on weekends, call 1-800-944-8443 ext 8 to record your entry submission. Please include your name and phone number before recording.

Eligibility restrictions:
Any Dad can win.

Give-away Dates:

Approximant Value of Prizes:
5 prizes valued at $150.00 each

Total Value of Combined Prizes:

Basis for Valuation of Prizes: Retail Cost

Time and Means of Selection of Winners
Random drawing from the moms submitted will be drawn 06/12 – 06/16/2017 to receive the Father’s Day Prize Pack.

Tie-Breaking Procedures: