Finding your support!

0815sec finding supportGod made you to share your happiness and struggles with one another.

He calls you to fellowship, to assimilate into the body of Christ by worshiping, loving, caring and sharing.

A weary East Texas mom finds the support her and her family needs on KAVX.

“I want to thank you for being there for me! Just tonight following the exhausting duties a mother’s life brings and on the edge of what felt like depression, from not being the mom I want to be for my children or setting the example they need to see of a Godly mom and wife to their daddy, you played a program that stuck my heart.  As I listened, tears filled my eyes the rest of the evening, the Lord helped me overcome these feelings of unworthiness and know that just as my children run to me, I can run to Him.  I am a perfect child in His eyes and He will continue to guide me to be as He wants me to be.  Again, thank you for being the support my family needs!”

When you support KAVX you become a part of a body of believers who encourage people each day.

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