Give This Christmas Away


What can you expect when you give this Christmas away?

You can expect a look of surprise and shock.

Then a smile and a bit of encouragement!

Download and print out the Christmas Blessing card to hand out to those you bless.

That’s exactly how it works!

You don’t necessarily have to buy a meal, a cup of coffee, or a toy .

There are many other FREE things you can do to give this Christmas away!

And be sure and share your story by calling 800 944 8443

Download the special Christmas Blessing Card.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Buy the lunch of the person behind you in the drive thru line
  • Purchase toys for kids in need (Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, etc.)
  • Donate blood
  • Collect canned goods for a local food pantry
  • Buy coffee for a stranger, a coworker or even your child’s teacher
  • Leave a present in your mailbox for your mail carrier
  • Tape quarters to vending machines around town
  • Grocery shop for the sole purpose of putting it in the Food for Families box at the store’s entryway
  • Ring Salvation Army bells
  • Handing out Starbucks gift cards ($5.00 each) at the mall
  • Pay the past due library fees for five people
  • Sing carols at a local nursing home
  • Adopt a local classroom and give them needed school supplies
  • Bring treats to the employees at your local post office
  • Bring lunch for a coworker or your child’s teacher
  • Buy hot cocoa for someone ringing the Salvation Army bells
  • Buy a solider and his/her family dinner
  • Take an all night drug store / retail store or convenience store employee a special treat (because it’s no fun to work on Christmas Eve!!)
  • Clean up an elderly neighbor’s yard
  • Thank your local firemen with a heartfelt note and Christmas treat
  • Babysit for a friend so she can get some errands done or holiday shop
  • Tape a LARGE sign to the top of your trash can with a little treat for your garbage collectors
  • Take coffee to someone that works in the cold and doesn’t get appreciated enough
  • Feed someone that is hungry
  • Thank your local police station with a heartfelt note and Christmas treat
  • Make a meal for another family that could really use an extra hand
  • Pass out donuts to your neighbors as they leave for work in the morning
  • Go to your favorite grocery story and give a candy cane & note to every person that serves you each week
  • Find an assisted living home and see how you can spread some cheer with your little ones
  • Sweep a neighbor’s porch and driveway
  • Take coats to a homeless shelter
  • tip your restaurant server generously
  • thank the cooks, waitstaff and bussers personally
  • forgive a driver directing road rage at you
  • offer to do pro bono work on a project where your skills are needed
  • mentor someone
  • make a donation
  • say a prayer or whisper a kind wish for someone
  • compliment a stranger
  • send a box of donuts or bagels or muffins to a construction site
  • let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store
  • hold the door open for someone
  • smile at strangers
  • volunteer at a battered women’s shelter
  • spend some time with a senior citizen living alone
  • offer to babysit for a single mother
  • help a pregnant lady
  • Give someone a ride who can’t drive
  • Put gas in someone’s car
  • Leave quarters at a laundry mat
  • Take food to a family who is battling sickness
  • Help someone load groceries
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone that thinks they are invisible or someone who you might not thank often – like the person who cleans the church, a door greeter or receptionist at your workplace, a nursery worker (especially if you don’t have kids)
  • pay for movie tickets or popcorn of the person behind you
  • In the family… Do a chore that you are not already expected to do – this works for husbands, kids and wives


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