Giving and Celebrating Continue

1013pri-giving-and-celebratingWhat a fantastic Giving Celebration.

In fact the giving AND celebrating continue!

On the final morning, Michelle told the story of a business she has been praying for!

“I’m praying with her because their business is suffering. It’s the worst it’s been in 24 years! So I tell her ‘Ok, I’m going to pray for you!’

She says, ‘Oh, by the way, I called in an upped my faith promise and I have to tell you what happened!’

I’m thinking, I’m praying for your business; your cars broke down, all this stuff is falling apart and you still called in a gift.

That’s what KSWP & KAVX donors are all about. That’s what they do! They always give, give, give, give!

It’s a very humbling experience.”

In case you missed the Giving Celebration and all the excitement, you haven’t missed an opportunity to create more excitement with your own gift!

You can still celebrate   by calling during business hours – 800 944 8443

Or give conveniently HERE!