Giving Back to Others

0924ter reach360 vetsGiving and sharing is part of being a Christian.

Giving your time and effort!

Sharing your talent and resources!

At KAVX the idea of giving and sharing is heard during Shareathon.

But did you know that every Shareathon 1% of your gift will be shared with another ministry.

During the Fall Shareathon your Reach360 gift will help the SFA Veterans Resource Center in Nacogdoches & the Lufkin Marine Corps League Detachment 1362.

The SFA Veterans Resource Center provides a space for veterans to gather, socialize and form relationships with other veterans that can provide networks of support that lead to feelings of inclusion at SFA. This space provides access to veterans’ resources provided by the university and outside agencies.

The Lufkin Marine Corps League Detachment 1362 plans to provide a college scholarship to the child who has a parent in the military. Helping with college expenses is just another way they hope to take the pressure off military families.

Give now!