Giving by Faith (not by sight)

1017pri-give-by-faithWhat you see with your eyes is walking by sight!

What you feel in your heart is walking by faith!

A listener called during the Giving Celebration and said,

“We found it very hard to donate because things are very tight and we struggle [financially]. We called in and donated $40 a month and God has just given us 10 times fold!

We don’t even know that the $40 is coming out of our account now because we’re just so blessed and God has made sure that by our giving hearts, even though we knew it would be hard, that we would be able to give it and not even realize we were giving it.

And it’s such a blessing to be able to help people each day – each second that you are on the air.”

Giving may seem impossible… but God provides.

Giving changes lives… starting with yours.

When you make a pledge and begin sending in the gift, you begin sharing hope and changing lives.

Thank you for your support and financial gifts to KAVX.

And if you’re not involved, it’s easy to begin by calling 800 944 844.