Giving Offers Hope

Share Hope that Changes Lives!

There is always hope! God always hears us! Hope Inspires you! You’ll always find hope inside you, just look! Your Gift provides Hope in others!

Mail checks or money orders, payable to KSWP or KAVX radio to:

KSWP/ KAVX radio
PO Box 151340
Lufkin, TX 75915-1340

To make a gift by Credit/Debit Card or EFT:


Matching Gifts

For you this option will increase your giving power through your company’s matching gift program. Many companies will match your gifts to charitable organizations, which can double or even triple your gift. Contact your Human Resources department or matching gift program administrator to find out more.

Gift of Stock

A gift of stock is one of the simplest ways to support KSWP and KAVX. Just transfer appreciated securities (stocks, bonds) you have owned for at least a year to us. You will pay no capital gains tax and take a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of your gift. The entire transaction can be handled electronically — saving you time and effort. And if you love that stock and don’t want to part with it, buy it back with the cash you would have gifted us and reset its basis!

Simply fill out the PDF (coming soon) and return a copy to LEBF, Inc. KSWP and KAVX’s broker information is included on the form for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact Misty Purvis at 936-639-5673 or

Annuities and Estate Planning

Stock or mutual funds, IRAs, life insurance and other marketable securities can also be used to make gifts. And we can set up an annuity that provides you with income for life plus leaves the charitable remainder to KSWP and KAVX and your other favorite charities. For a detailed description, contact Misty Purvis at 936-639-5673.

Other Noncash Options:

With our financial partners, we are able to accept gifts of homes, timeshares, companies, commercial real estate, oil leases and much more. There are many tax advantages to these types of major gifts. Contact us to get started. Misty Purvis at 936-639-5673.