Giving Thanks



Have you noticed that just when you need some weed killer or a new lawn mower blade from the store that it’s slim pickins?

Summer stuff is out and Christmas is in!

A store clerk comes over to you and helps you find what you need.

Still it seems like Christmas comes earlier every year.

That’s what everyone thinks, but the truth is the date to set out Christmas merchandise probably hasn’t changed at that store for 20 years.

You are guilty of buying into a stereotype.

But now it’s the season of Thanksgiving and you should just be grateful God can forgive you for your personal failings while He wants you to believe the best about others.

You know, that same man that helped in lawn and garden may be helping you this Christmas.

The young lady at the checkout has dreams of her own for Christmas – and sometimes shoppers aren’t very nice.

Maybe you can find ways to show gratitude to those who go out of their way to help you.

Who knows – you could be the bright spot they need in their day.

This year you can carry Thanksgiving into another season altogether.