Happy New Year!

It’s a time to start over… a time for a new beginning.

A time to reflect a bit on the mistakes of the past and look forward to improving the future.

In 2012 some major milestones were made.

Over four thousand six hundred people sought ministry through prayer.

16% of those prayer needs were for finances.

We understand that feeling. Many ministry around the country felt the squeeze of the economy; and some national ministries had to lay off key personnel.

Fortunately that hasn’t happened at KAVX

There have been some cutbacks around the office and the studio but we’ve tried very hard to make sure nothing affects the programming you depend on every day.

You know, the New Year is the perfect opportunity to start a new involvement with this ministry.

You can do that online or call the office. Someone will be glad to help you at 800 944 8443.

And thank you for your prayer and financial support of 91.9 KAVX.