Here’s Some Encouragement

0416sectestimonyWe love hearing stories about how God comes through for you! One listener wrote:

“Just another testimony of being obedient: During Shareathon, I think it was Jeremiah that talked about how if God is in it, He’ll make a way. I felt led to start giving to [the] station this time (I’ve been listening for 10 years), and discussed this with my husband. We’ve become a Reach 360 partner.

Now that was Wednesday, I think, or maybe Thursday. On Friday, my husband had to pick up some medicine for one of our boys. When he went to check out, some new program had started and he didn’t have to pay anything!! Here’s the kicker. Are you ready for this!?!

He would have otherwise paid $30.

Praise God!”

If you felt God leading you to make a faith promise during Shareathon, keep watching for His provision. God is faithful and He will make a way for you to do what He placed on your heart.