KAVX – the Word for ALL!

0425sec kavx word for allThe best part about the recent Giving Celebration – the stories!
One listener called to make a pledge and shared her story about her little dog.

I have a little dog and I’m losing her. She’s 17 years old and her name is Frankie.
And when I come home she won’t pick her head up.
When I put your station on and that word comes over the air waves and I come home at night from work, she’s got her head picked up and she’s looking at me.
Yesterday I didn’t turn my radio on and I got no response from her at all.
And I’m thinking ‘Lord, how do you put a price on the fact the word is being transmitted and how do you put a price on everybody – on humans and animals’ – and the Lord showed me that it’s like so many of us when we stand before God and you think you didn’t do very much for God.
And then all of a sudden, just by giving to a radio station like this, you get to see all the different people that were reached because of the contribution that you made.

Your story, your gift, your prayer need – all needed.