Keeps Me Going

0911pri keeps me goingYou get a little pick me up from a cup of coffee.

Just a little push and rush of caffeine to give you an extra boost… a little extra edge.

But after awhile it wears off leaving you feeling physically drained.

We’re here to give you a different kind of boost throughout the day.

One listener recently said this:

I recently went through a very ugly horrible divorce. And without God in my life, and my daily continued prayer, and thanking Him for the blessings I do have in life and listening to your station – I could have never got through the struggles that I had.

When you feel down and out and need a boost of encouragement… an energetic spirit… or something to get you back on track – get it here… KAVX.

And your support provides an energetic boost for someone else… connecting them to a real and loving God.