Look what God has done!

0227pri look what God has doneIn 1985, KSWP signed on the air and you said, “Look what God has done!”

The weak signal barely covered Lufkin, where a few listeners began investing time, money, and prayer into it.

No one at that time imagined the impact of their support.

Their efforts to support the small station paid off as the power increased and the signal stretched beyond cities, towns, and county lines.

People said, “Look what God has done!”

Eventually your  investment paid with interest as KAVX began broadcasting too.

Today both stations extend around the world into 188 countries – 50 more than last year.

Well over 21,000 asked for prayer since 1985.

You invested in each other through the collection of school supplies, clothing, food, blood, fans, hurricane relief, and many other community services.

“Look what God has done!”

And He’s not through!

Invest in today… and the future.

Support KSWP/KAVX during the Shareathon Giving Celebration – March 28th, 29th, and 30th.