Love Out Loud Story

0215sec love out loudYou can hear on KAVX, Love out Loud working all around you – in people you know, strangers you meet, and the family you love.

“I am closer to God because of KAVX and KSWP. God has given me much strength through the teachers on 91.9. God has given me hope and encouragement on 90.9, He has done amazing things when I listen to his words through the songs.”

It may be someone that teaches you by the example she lives.

She is teaching me so much about God, how to pray to God, how to come closer to God. You can just see it in her eyes and face – the joy of God and praise. And she’s just always teaching the word to everybody and praying for everybody. She just really loves the Lord a lot!

Your Love out Loud story can encourage others and change lives.

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