Love That Sticks

0125sec love sticks kavxWhen you leave a sticky note lying around it has the power to change someone’s day.

It’s not just about a note to your spouse; you can encourage a friend, coworker, church member, classmate, or a total stranger with LOVE THAT STICKS!

Get a sticky note and write an encouraging word or scripture that shares the love of Jesus on it and leave it in places for people to find.

Don’t forget to point them to the station by writing 90.9 KSWP on it also.

Once you give them the encouraging word pointing them to the station they can tune in and learn more about God’s “real love.”

Be open to the Holy Spirit on what to write and where to leave it.

By the way, there are some KAVX sticky note pads for you…

Or when you drop by the KAVX business office during regular business hours.