Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceYou influence others when you play KAVX.

You share hope that changes lives.

One faithful listener said this:

I drive a school bus.  And usually when I take field trips, I turn the radio down pretty low. But on one trip, for some reason I just didn’t turn it down.  When we got parked and the kids are getting off the bus I heard a girl say, “you know what I need to start going back to church!”  I said, “Okay, thank you God! That’s the reason I left it on.”

You’re making a difference.

I feel like I’m the first one that picked them up in the morning so that I can get their day started and then I’m the last one to see him in the afternoon from the school. Maybe I can finish their afternoon, you know, maybe I can maybe I can put a positive something in their lives until the next morning.

Thank you for making a difference with your support of KAVX.