Mom’s Day Giveaway

She cooks!

She cleans!

She drives kids to school, hits the gym, does the grocery shopping,  picks up the dry cleaning, get’s the tires rotated, the oil changed, picks the kids up from school, prepares supper, cleans the house, and goes to bed by midnight so she can get up and do it again tomorrow!

She’s MOM!!

Thanks for entering your mom in the giveaway! There are 14 qualifiers and out of those 3 semifinalists have been chosen!

The semifinalists are Barbara (nominated by Valerie), Kelly (nominated by Katie), and Misty (nominated by Justin).

They each have won a Britt Nicole-Gold 2CD set and a prize pack worth more than $100 each!

On Thursday the Grand Prize Winner will be announced!!


“Worth More Than Gold Mothers Day Giveaway 2012”
Description: Listeners go online to / and fill out the form to enter their mom to win by telling us why their mom is worth more than gold in 20 words or less.
A mom can enter herself by writing about what her mom taught her that was worth more than gold.
We will choose 14 qualifying moms out of all entries to win a Britt Nicole-Gold 2CD set.
A drawing of the qualifiers will determine the semi-finalists.
A drawing from the semi-finalists will determine the Gold Grand Prize Winner.

1. Prizes must be won and claimed by an adult 18 or over.
2. This qualification contest begins Monday, 4/30/2012 and will end at 5 pm on 5/8/2012.
3. We will announce 2 qualifiers everyday from 5/02/2012 – 5/08/12.
4. Semi-finalists will be announced 5/09/2012.
5. The Gold Grand Prize Winner will be announced Thursday, 5/10/2012.
6. A mom may be entered more than once and a mom can enter herself.
7. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days.
8. Station is not responsible in the loss of mailed prizes.
9. The 2 semi-finalists 1 Gold Grand Prize winner agree to photos, audio and video for promotional release and will pick up prize in person.
10. The winner of the Grand Prize Gold Package will need to sign a release form in order to claim prize.