No Fear from Hear!

nofearfromhearFear cripples the strongest people you know. From leaders of countries to soldiers who fight to defend your freedoms as a Christian, to a child being bullied on a playground and even you at times in your life. Fear grips your heart and speaks words of defeat…you’re not good enough, no one loves you, you can’t do this; but something speaks louder than fear – God!

A listener wrote this in a letter to us:

“Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve been through a lot these past few years fighting metal illness and addiction. Through the music and programs, you guys have played a pivotal part in my life at bringing me closer to God and His gospel and helping me through this struggle. Thank you so much. My life is a whole lot better because of you.”

Thank you for supporting KAVX and helping to make the lives of so many just a little bit better through the message of God’s hope on the radio.