Plant, Water, Increase

1121pri-plant-water-increaseDo you remember last January?

It seems so distant… so remote.

27 listeners remember it well.

Last January each of them had a life changing experience with the Savior.

Perhaps you don’t remember February either.

21 more listeners to KAVX remember their salvation experience.

Since the first of this year 235 listeners have a day… a month eternally branded into their memory – the day of their salvation.

Why is this important?

Besides the obvious reason of eternal salvation, it’s important for you to know your part in this grand scheme.

You planted a seed into the ministry of KAVX.

KAVX watered the seed and God gave the increase.

Plant… water… increase… it’s God’s plan for you.

Thank you for contributing your part through the teaching and talk programs, the praise music, and PrayerWorks of KAVX.