Prayer Page

prayer pageWhen your heart breaks because of the lifestyle of someone you love – PRAY!

My daughter started living in the world. She was headed on a path of destruction; she was in an abusive relationship and she had moved out of the house. I was praying for her.

You don’t need to pray alone. Share your prayer need with us!

But you know God spoke to me and said, “Put it out on the prayer page. Let other people pray for her as well.”

When you give your prayer need at… you know others are praying as well.

So I did.  I went to the prayer page and put it out there and I was constantly getting emails and messages and prayers from people that I didn’t even know all because of my radio station.

Prayer connects you to a real and loving God!

A month later she moved back home.  God brought her to me along with everybody’s prayers and I’m happy to report now that she is in her third semester at Texas Bible Institute and my son has also followed in her footsteps and he started going there this year as well.

The Prayer Page

I just love my radio station and prayer page is the best thing that y’all have