PrayerWorks App

Years ago when someone was in need of prayer, they would either have to wait for Sunday service or the neighbor.

Well times have changed and though Sunday service and neighbors are still a good source of prayer, the new PrayerWorks app takes it a step further.

You can post a prayer or pray for someone else wherever you are with the app and your iDevice.

You’ll have a direct line to the Prayer Team and you won’t have to wait for Sunday or a neighbor to visit.

I had strayed away as my husband and I tried to live our lives planning to get reconnected to church “as soon as …” (You fill in the blank, We had lots of excuses). In 2010, he became unhappy and left me and our children. I found strength in the Lord, returned to church and rebuilt my relationship with God. One of the things that mattered the most was positive encouragement, that came from KSWP. This is the only station I listen to!

For more information and the app! Go here.