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I have become a big fan of your station in the last few months, I was listening the other day and a Pastor was sharing a poem. It was about an Older man who went into this church on his lunch break everyday to say a short prayer, before returning back to work. The Priest was suspicious of him because of theft and the neighborhood; so one day he asked him what he was doing and he replied praying, and that he did not know much about prayer but he prayed “Hello God its me again just come to check in again today….” It broke the priest heart and he stopped and prayed the same prayer. Then for a few days the man did not come to the church and the priest found out he was in the hospital sick….. and so the Priest visited and prayed for him.

I’d say it has been about a week since I heard it and it touched me and would love to share this with many more. Thanks Chris

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