PrayerWorks Relaunches as Amen: The Prayer App


PrayerWorks Relaunches as Amen: The Prayer App℠. Today’s latest technologies drives founders of the app to relaunch and upgrade, “Amen: The Prayer App.” The New Version built from the ground up  will deliver a new and improved platform for prayer.

Now, whether an affiliate of the app has a few users or a few million users, Amen: The Prayer App has the infrastructure to scale and handle the load.

“As of January 2017 relaunch, you, the user, have new features and controls. The upgraded system will more easily customize the interface to meet an individuals need whether submitting a Prayer or a Story of Praise. The new feature list will only continue to grow,” says Morgan Wood, founder of PrayerWorks and Amen: The Prayer App.

“What’s most exciting about the new platform is the opportunity to help deliver hope and encouragement to anyone, anywhere, at any time,” says Wood. “In a world where the phrase ‘I’ll pray for you’ has often become a platitude, Amen makes prayer timely and tangible if an individual or family people who need it.”

The success of the tool has already been proven with over 7 million prayers request and stories of Praise. Now, that number will only continue to grow with the new infrastructure and engagement support provided to affiliates across America.

<i>About Amen: The Prayer App</i>

Amen serves affiliate members–radio stations, churches and non-profits-to provide a simple and easy prayer tool to their community. Amen: The Prayer App offers a desktop, mobile and iOS application, allowing an easier way to request and send a prayer from anywhere at anytime. Download the app in the App Store. For additional information, <a href=””>please visit KSWP/KAVX</a>.