Reach 360

Know that you’ve made an impact in many lives around the world, the neighborhood, the family and your life. Your involvement has shaped this region into what it is today. With your help, KSWP & KAVX will continue to connect people to God and give Hope through community events, prayer outreach, on air programs and music & ministry.

“Thomas is a beautiful toddler with Down’s Syndrome. His mother calls him her “Gift from Heaven.” Thomas has had many health issues…He may have to endure surgery. Please pray for this child and his family.” PrayerWorks prayer request

You can Give HOPE a Voice to thousands every day. Your give may be the one that plays the song that someone hears…or the word from a minister that sinks into someone’s heart that needs Hope. You gift may be just the right song or word at the just the right time to make a difference.

Throughout other countries millions of households have very regular routines – much like you do in your home.

But they lack one important thing . . . Hope!

As a Reach 360 Partner at KAVX and KSWP, you solve that problem and help change lives.

Wayne Peterson of HCJB Global has an update since last Sharathon about the growth of the One Household Project.

“Again this fall, KSWP/KAVX will send 1% of the Sharathon goal and the amount raised during Sharathon to HCJB Global and the One Household project. It will send the gospel across closed borders and touch the hearts of over 1.5 million people in their own language!”

You can get involved locally and internationally through Reach 360 today…

You can’t put a price on the salvation of a friend, an answer to prayer, or the joy of giving someone Hope. And you don’t have to wait. Give now!