Satisfy the Hungry

0320pri satisfy the hungryPeople arrived from everywhere to hear a message.

Families found themselves in the midst of a vast crowd that spread from horizon to horizon.

As the hours ticked on, the children began crying out in hunger first.

Soon everyone thought about how to get something to eat.

Suddenly, out of the crowd, a little boy offered Jesus a couple of small fish and a few loaves of bread.

His little lunch faded in comparison to the sea of hungry faces.

With this small amount, Jesus fed thousands.

What if your gift of $30 a month fed thousands?

It seems a small amount in comparison the sea of hungry souls longing for hope but as a $30/month Reach360 partner, your gift sends the life-giving message of Christ into 188 countries.

Though your gift seems small, in the hands of God it satisfies thousands and thousands that depend on the message of salvation.. the call for prayer… the music.. the programming… the encouragement… the faith, hope, and love that’s heard every day on KAVX.

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KAVX – the place to give and satisfy a hungry soul.