Serve In a Real Way

0126secprayerWhen you visit PrayerWorks, you become an interactive part of someone’s life.

Here’s what someone said about it…

I visited Prayerworks and saw this…
“Please pray for a sweet friend who has a brain lesion on her skull. She will be traveling to Oklahoma for an MRI and the results. Pray for healing,for God to give the Drs the knowledge to know how to treat her if needed and for safe travels.”
I was able to send a note of encouragement right from the website.

One requested…

Please pray that my immune system will stay up and can fight infection during my chemo treatments. Thank you!

Another said…

I found someone with something in common with me.
They said, “I keep believing praying and fasting for the restoration of my marriage.”
I know I can agree in prayer for that one.

PrayerWorks is hands-on! You can’t help but get involved.

Visit PrayerWorks and give your own prayer need or prayer for that of someone else.