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Dyan shares her story about finding Christian radio.

 My cousin Cindy Lou, told me to find a Christian radio station here in Lufkin. About a year later I was sitting at a red light and car in front of me had a bumper sticker.
I tuned in just in time to hear Tim announce the 30 day challenge. The next time Al talking about impressionable kids and what they listen to.
I was unemployed.  I listened every day while job searching.
The funny part was; I was not attending church on a regular basis, my relationship with God is stagnant, yet every day I listened to the words of encouragement, songs of praise, another listener sounded a lot like mine. 2 Shareathons and 2 years of listening my life is transformed. I attend church, my relationship with God is full of praise and awe! I’m a proud listener, I’m a 360 partner, volunteer, co-owner (very proud of that!)  Not bad from a bumper sticker!

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