Shareathon Is Here

Shareathon Fall 2015 Oct. 6th-8th
KSWPKAVXSHAREATHONLOGOYour gifts change stories! Thanks to you, KSWP and KAVX surrounds our families with life-giving music and ministry. You’ve heard hundreds of stories from your neighbors who connected to a real and loving God through the ministry and then shared how their loved one received healing, stopped depression and restored their marriage.

Your gifts means thousands of people reached out to God in prayer and over 300 were saved over the last year! Your gifts opens the door for change in thousands of lives through the radio station over the internet around the world including; France, Germany, Thailand, and many cities in the United States; California, New York, Florida and many more for Christ. By God’s grace, your gifts accomplish more everyday!

Your gifts make a difference. YOU change a story. And with KSWP and KAVX’s Shareathon just around the corner, you can join us and many people like yourself in making an even greater impact. Take another step with us and change another story during the Shareathon Fall 2015!

How YOU can change a story:

  • Join us in prayer for all things God has in store for the next 12 months! PrayerWorks, go here.
  • Join us as we take calls 6a-6p during Shareathon! For volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer for the Krew.
  • Give early by clicking here. Your support today will build momentum and inspire others to give generously during Shareathon Fall 2015. Thank you!
  • Special thanks to all of our donors who’ve already renewed their gifts for next year! We love you!