Shareathon Questions Answered

Listener response: I wanted to share how I feel after I gave to both kswp and kavx. I always cringe when my husband and I sat down to pay bills. We have to think hard about money we spend on everything. I want to let you know (friends & listeners), I gave more last Fall to the stations than I have ever donated! It was the easiest money I have ever donated to anything. My husband and I went to the web page! It put a gladness in our heart … to praise God this way!

What is Shareathon? It’s what we call our “Giving Celebration” bi-annual fundraising event when we dedicate several days of air time to raise the operating budget for KSWP and KAVX Radio. And sometimes money for special projects including major equipment repair or acquisition.

What’s in it for me? You’ll partner with God and KSWP/KAVX Radio to impact Families and Individuals, just like you in East Texas, the United States and the World for Christ. You’ll have a stake in everything we do. You’ll share hope with thousands of people each week. Example: While the ministry team have prayed for people for 30+ years, in that time the team has prayed for over 72,000 families. Of those, over seven thousand (7,000) have made a decision for Christ! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank You God!


What is the money used for? As a listener supported ministry, everything you hear, every song that you love, our PrayerWorks ministry, our outreach and events, our programs happen because people like you financially support the ministry of KSWP and KAVX Radio & and web radio. Click here to give now! external link

Who are KSWP & KAVX Radio donors? Individual and businesses who love Jesus and love KSWP & KAVX Radio and GIVE generously to fuel this ministry.

What happens during Shareathon? Two Things;

  • You’ll hear or tell your “Story of how God has touched your life or someone’s life that you know.” Stories of how God created KSWP or KAVX Radio to impact people close to home or around the World on the Web.
  • And you’re invited to join the “Giving Celebration” with a donation at, or by calling 800-944-8443. Some may even stop by. Your gifts will fund the ministry in year ahead.

What will I hear? In addition to Amazing Stories … great music, ministry, lots of prayers, special guests sharing their passion for KSWP and KAVX Radio’s ministry, invitations to give by phone and online, crazy sound effects, ringing phones and US saying “Thank You!” A LOT!

How long does it last? We schedule for 3 days (6am to 6pm) … but we almost always wrap things up as soon as we hit the goal.

How much do I have to give? (Read all the way through, “It’ll bless you.”)

  • First, we ask for you to pray and give as the Lord leads.
  • Every gift helps and there is no minimum or maximum.
  • The average gift is $30 a month. But some give $1000 or more all at once and others give $10.
  • Click here to give now!

What is your goal? We’re praying to hear from 374 people giving an average gift of $1 a day. that will raise $10,410. We call those giving $1 a day or more a “Reach 360 Partner.” Which mean a Partner who helps the ministry reach around the corner or around the World.

How can I help? Pray for us and ask what God would have you give. Then click here to give now … O call us at 800 – 944 8443. You can make a one-time gift or sign up for monthly giving. You can give using your debit or credit card, give automatically from your bank account. We call this “Easy Giving.” Or send a check to: KSWP KAVX Radio, PO Box 151340, Lufkin, TX 75904