Storms of Life

As you enter into the summer month of June, the rain fall continues to occur across the area.

Many people experience damage from the flooding and hail.

This life on earth tends to rage storms against you in all shapes and forms.

A fellow listener dealing with her own storms of life reached out to the radio ministry earlier this year…

 “God has been so good to us, especially going through some recent struggles. God provides us with just exactly what we need to keep going one more day. Each day, His blessings pour out. Things are far from good…but with God by our side, our days are great. We play KSWP & KAVX in every room of the house and its always on 24/7…doubts, fears, sickness…none can linger in the midst of praise!

KAVX reminds you through the raging storms of life, you will make it.

The message of God’s hope and His promise to never leave you or forsake you echoes through the radio ministry to provide you with comfort when facing your storms of life.

Help someone through their storm!