Story Behind the Song – My Victory by Crowder

my victoryThe weekend fills your house and car with praise music as you listen to KAVX.

Each song connects you to a real and loving God.

And there’s a story behind every song.

David Crowder shares the story behind My Victory.

So a guy by the name of Darren Mulligan, who I had not met at the time, wrote a My Victory with Hank Bentley who plays with me. When I listened it had that line ‘the cross meant to kill is my victory’, or some variation… the idea was there. I just couldn’t get past that one line and every night I lay in my bunk and I just can’t quit thinking about it. I just felt like it just needed a few tweaks here and there. And I came up with ‘the Holy Lamb of God make us alive again make us alive again’.

Stories… changing lives and connecting you to a real and loving God.