Christ Centered through the 30 Day Challenge

Christ Centered

Listening to KAVX is like walking into a room and straightening a crooked picture – it centers you! Listening to KAVX centers you in Christ. Christian teaching and talk programs your mind and heart and helps shut out the problems of work or school. It helps heal relationships and bring you closer to Christ. Taking […]

I Resolve, “Listen for 30 Days!”

Today You can begin a life-changing event! A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, where a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement at or near the beginning of the New Year. “It’s time for the 30 Day Challenge!” A chance to change everything about 2017. First, make a personal commitment to listen to […]

The 30 Day Challenge


At KAVX, your involvement shares Hope that changes Lives. The Challenge: How to Reach More people. How? By Inviting others to join you and “Lift the Weight of the World” off of themselves! Sometimes your weight comes from “habits that hinder” your relationship with God! Sometimes it shows up in bad as bad habits that […]