Last Chance

0313ter last chance

You drive along on vacation and pass a sign that says, “Last Chance for Gas Next 200 Miles!” You glanced at the gauge and decide you better stop and fill up! After all – it said, “Last Chance” You quickly approach a sign that says, “Your Last Chance” for signing up and volunteering to help […]

Come Along for the Ride

0220ter come along for the ride

Your car – it takes more than fuel to keep it going. Oil, water, tire pressure, good windshield wipers, and a working radio make your car run efficiently. Just like your car, the KAVX Shareathon needs more than just a fuel source of financial supporters. We need volunteers so the Giving Celebration runs efficiently. Phone […]

Let The Fun Begin!

0213 ter volunteer for shareathon

You like fun and excitement… talking with others… laughing, cheering, praising, and praying. That sounds like Shareathon! The Giving Celebration takes place March 28th, 29th, and 30th. Sign up for all that fun… volunteer to answer the phones, pray, serve in hospitality, or help in the office. We need you… we want you! Call 800 […]