Thank you for helping reach the top!

0403ter thank you volunteers

If you planned to climb Mt Everest, a Sherpa helps you make the assent. Sherpa’s serve the adventurers by carrying supplies and leading the way, often risking their life to help a mountain climber. Shareathon often appears as a big mountain and the goal of reaching the top seems so high and far away. Volunteers […]

Last Chance

0313ter last chance

You drive along on vacation and pass a sign that says, “Last Chance for Gas Next 200 Miles!” You glanced at the gauge and decide you better stop and fill up! After all – it said, “Last Chance” You quickly approach a sign that says, “Your Last Chance” for signing up and volunteering to help […]

Come Along for the Ride

0220ter come along for the ride

Your car – it takes more than fuel to keep it going. Oil, water, tire pressure, good windshield wipers, and a working radio make your car run efficiently. Just like your car, the KAVX Shareathon needs more than just a fuel source of financial supporters. We need volunteers so the Giving Celebration runs efficiently. Phone […]