Volunteer some time


You can help! There are some volunteer needs coming up. You could join The Krew and staff for the Texas State Forest Festival, Sept 18-22. The Fall Share-athon is on the calendar for October 15-17. And there are others ways you can help. Call Jenn for details at 800 944 8443.

Special Impact Project – Generator


Here’s a quick update on Special Impact Projects – the generator. When the goal of Share-athon was met, you turned your attention to giving the remaining funds to purchase the generators needed for the studio and transmitter. During the final day of Share-athon $11,166 was given to this need. Add that to what was already […]

Thank You


This year’s Share-athon was very successful due to the 100 volunteers that answered the phones, prayed, served, cleaned up, and just added to the ambience. There were also the local businesses that kept the staff and volunteers smiling with food and beverages. Brookshire Brothers McDonalds Shipley’s Donuts Coca Cola Pepsi bottling company Double Eagle Ice […]