Satisfy the Hungry

0320pri satisfy the hungry

People arrived from everywhere to hear a message. Families found themselves in the midst of a vast crowd that spread from horizon to horizon. As the hours ticked on, the children began crying out in hunger first. Soon everyone thought about how to get something to eat. Suddenly, out of the crowd, a little boy […]

Your gift matters!

0307pri your gift matters

Someone sees no hope from day to day. He feels no value…  She sees no future. You change their life! Your gift matters as it makes a difference in the lives of real people. ONE LISTENER SAID, The radio station has changed my life…it’s changed my husbands life. Your prayer and financial support changes lives […]

Invest in Lives

0313sec invest in lives

Your support during the Shareathon Giving Celebration invests in the lives of others. I wanted to let you the first time I listen to your radio station and that’s its truly a blessing to hear how people call in and say how this station has touched their lives. And anything that gives glory to God […]