You Did It!

0505pri you did it

Every so often life gives you some good news! The boss walks in and says, “I’m giving you a raise!” Or the neighbor tells you that at the station on the corner they paid 20 cents less per gallon. Well, here’s some good news for you – the Shareathon goal that we informed you about […]

Help finish the story!

0417pri help finish the story

Stories, like yours, inspired others to call and give during Shareathon. Although the goal fell short by $2500 a month, we celebrated and praised God. Your story gave everyone more reason to celebration. Like this story from a gunshot survivor that found hope in the hospital. “You gave me life when I needed it. God […]

One More Story

0410pri one more story

Stories became the centerpiece of the Giving Celebration, like this one from a Christian widow. Two years ago I lost my husband after 36 years of marriage. And with the help of the Holy Spirit and this radio station, has got me through it. I have listened to you guys for years… since birth, you […]