Final Total

final total

You invested in God’s ministry! You planted a seed: Sharing Hope Changing Lives and Connecting People to a Real and Loving God! The final total was $10,961 a month but on 10/12/2017 – the Final Goal is met! $132, 264! Praise God and Thank you! The work continues to “Change the World… One Life at a […]

Sharing with others!

0822sec sharing with others

Sunday’s awesome… right? You get up, get ready, and head to church to listen, learn, fellowship, and pray. But when you’ve sung the last praise song, and they turn off the lights and lock the doors. In those hours you’re away from Church,  God gives you KAVX! Your heart renewed… Your life impacted with the […]

Celebrating GOD!


God does amazing things in your life. He cures diseases, saves a lost child, reunites families, and offers you forgiveness through His grace. Let’s Celebrate God and His blessings! “I love the kids programs Saturday mornings on KAVX. Here is $5 of my money to thank you. Love, Cole.” Cole got excited to celebrate what […]