It’s been a month!

It’s been a month!

If you began the 30-Day Challenge on New Year’s day, it’s been a month! Hopefully, you keep listening and make it a lifetime challenge. During the course of the month, you changed. Call and tell us about the difference 30 days made. Perhaps you invited someone to take the challenge. As a bystander, what changes […]

30 Day Challenge Story

30 story

Some listeners take the 30 Day Challenge once and become lifetime listeners and friends. They are so convinced that listening shares hope and changes lives – they invite family and friends to take the 30 Day challenge. If you took the challenge, share your story with us at 800 944 8443 or below Did you […]

The Challenge Continues

the challenge continues

This is an actual testimony received at KAVX: A friend of mine suggested that I take the 30 day challenge when I was struggling with addiction. I did so and basically that changed my life. I am clean and sober today. I listen to the radio and I never switched the channel back. it’s been on ever since.  It stays […]